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Customizable Private Boat Charters in Kona

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Kona Private Charters. Your Charter, Your Way!

Sea Quest Hawaii has always specialized in small groups and intimate experiences, but creating your own customized private charter is easy and affordable. Our experienced Captains can create a safe, personal, and memorable excursion along the South Kona Coast tailored specifically to you and your guests. Simply call us at (808) 329-7238 and our reservations team is happy to help you design the perfect experience for your party and ensure you are getting the best price possible. We look forward to assisting you in creating a personalized adventure, appropriate for your family and tailored to your priorities!

Where You Can Go on a Kona Private Boat Charter

The beauty of booking a private boat charter with Sea Quest Hawaii is that you open up so many opportunities for adventure; the Kona coastline is there for you to discover! Without limitations of a predetermined tour of one of the reefs or at the whim of the others who have booked the same trip as you– the possibilities of what to do are completely at your discretion.

Is your group one filled with marine enthusiasts who want to venture to as many reefs in Kona as possible to hop in and snorkel- our captain can oblige! Or, are you more so looking to stay relatively dry and spend the day exploring the underwater lava tubes and sea caves at the base of Hualalai, possibly spotting pods of dolphins or whales- we can accommodate that too!

What is Included on a Kona Private Boat Charter

A private boat charter around the Kona Coastline is a wholly unique experience. Not having to abide by a specific schedule or itinerary opens up the day to truly maximize your time on the water. You have the power to work with our captain and create an adventure unique to the items on your Big Island bucket list.

What you will see on your private boat charter of Kona, is dependent on a multitude of factors, most notably the where and when around your booking. For example, if you choose to book your tour with us during the winter and want to explore along the coastline, you may get to see some humpback whales breaching. On the other hand, if you are looking to spend the majority of your time with us exploring coral reefs, then a tour that leaves earlier in the day and prioritizes visiting some of Kona’s greatest snorkeling spots, is the way you’d want to go.

How Much Does a Private Boat Charter Cost?

This is dependent on a multitude of factors like the number of guests, time of year, length of charter, and more. If you want to get a quote on what your ideal private boat charter of Kona would cost, reach out to us at (808) 329-7238 so that our reservations team may assist.

What You Will See on Your Private Charter of Kona

We briefly touched on this, but to reiterate, what you will see on your private boat charter with us is completely dependent on a variety of factors. When you are looking to book, be sure and take into account what is the most important thing for you and your group to do or see, and check that against the time of year. The humpback whale population only travels to Hawaii from November to March, on average; therefore, if a whale watch while chartering our boat is important, try and book during the winter. Contrary, if you want to book your time out on the water with us as a way to escape the heat and cool off in the salty ocean while coming into close contact with a variety of reef creatures, then a summer private charter would be a great option!

Don’t feel overwhelmed, if you have any questions or want our professional opinion on what would be a great private charter plan to meet your goals– give us a call!