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Night Manta Ray Snorkel in Kona

Snorkeling with Manta Rays at night in Kona waters. The experience of a lifetime!

Quick Details

Please note that previous snorkeling & swimming experience is required

Person Ages 7+
Private charter options available! To book online go to our Customizable Private Boat Charters page, or call us direct.

Go Snorkeling with Manta Rays at Night in Kona!

There is a reason everyone is talking about this tour…

Participate in a feeding frenzy in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, in the darkness of night, with creatures as large as 16 ft. across and weighing 1,000 lbs. The Travel Channel named this particular tour one of the 10 things you must do in your lifetime, and for good reason. Our Night Manta Experience is a unique and singular experience and this is the only place on the entire planet you can do it at night.

Sea Quest’s point of departure is just a few minutes boat ride from the Big Island’s most successful and consistent manta ray viewing location. Our outstanding Coast Guard certified Captains & crew assist as you simply float above these graceful and glorious gentle giants right outside the mouth of Keauhou Bay. Enjoy nature’s most spectacular nocturnal ballet, available 7 nights a week. An experience you won’t soon forget.

What Will I See While Snorkeling With Manta Rays in Kona?

Because we conduct our manta ray snorkel tours at night, there might be less reef activity than during the day and in different areas around the Kona Coast. But with creatures who have a 10-12 foot wingspan swimming and barrel rolling under you, there will be more than enough entertainment!

Manta Rays feed on the phytoplankton who are attracted to light. Our in-water guide will coach you on how to get comfortable holding onto our state of the art floatation device. This device beams light below the water’s surface in order to bring forth the plankton and therefore the manta rays with them.

Multiple mantas may dance around the rocks and reefs at the ocean’s floor– something that will also be illuminated by our light and the light of the world around Keauhou Bay.

Kona Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour Features:

  • Snorkel with manta rays…at night!
  • Hot chocolate and cookies
  • Wetsuits and flotation devices provided
  • Snorkel gear (including Rx masks) included

Please Note: For the safety of our guests, staff and the manta rays, we require that all participating guests know how to swim without the assistance of a floatation device and have previous snorkeling experience. No exceptions to the rule. Mahalo! 

Check-in and departure times are subject to change based on sunset times throughout the year. Please select your desired date for the available times. 

Are Manta Rays Dangerous to Snorkel With?

The shortest and best answer is, no! Unlike their cousin, the Sting Ray, Manta Rays are gentle giants with no spear-tipped tails, or any threatening body part for that matter. The only thing that we emphasize to ensure the safety of our guests as well as our crew, is that you have prior swimming and snorkeling experience. While we won’t be doing a lot of active swimming once in the water– the basics of knowing how to breathe and maintain a calm while the mantas swim around us are important for their safety and ours.

If you have any hesitations about your ability to snorkel on our manta ray trip or even any hesitations around snorkeling at night in general; be sure to check out one of our other, daytime snorkel excursions. These are still a ton of fun and there’s a chance you will be able to see one of the Big Island rays during your time in the water, on these tours, as well!

What is Manta Ray Village, Hawaii?

All of our snorkel tours depart from “Manta Ray Village”. Given its name through the sheer amount of manta rays that live and inhabit Keauhou Bay, there is no question that this is the best place to embark on a night time snorkel tour!

Over the years, the population of the mantas who inhabit the bay’s waters have fluctuated with the popularity of the destinations around Keauhou. Once the Sheraton established their residence, the lights around the bay shone bright attracting increased phytoplankton, which in turn, attracted their predator, the Manta Rays.

When you book with us you are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime swimming with these seemingly prehistoric creatures in the warm waters of Manta Ray Village. While Keauhou Bay is a popular spot to embark on these types of night snorkel tours, we make sure to focus on our group of guests and give them an extremely intimate encounter with the marine creatures.