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Sea Quest Blog

Written by Captain Kendra Wilson

-Sea Quest Hawaii Sustainability Coordinator

Meet The Blogger

Kendra Wilson was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Submersed in the outdoor lifestyle at an early age by her parents, she grew to have a strong love and appreciation for nature and all it has to offer. Colorado hobbies included camping, boating, hiking, rock climbing, motorcycling and snowboarding. In 2006, life had a…

Whales of Hawai’i

The Hawaiian Island chain is the most remote in the world. We have nothing but vast amounts of ocean water between us and the nearest land mass. We also have some of the deepest waters in the world. This equation makes for some impressive whale sightings, all year long.  Most of you are aware that…

The Importance of Buying Local

It’s always a good idea to support the economy you’re submersed in. You want to help those closest to you, whether you know them personally or not. That’s especially true when living on or visiting an island. So much of our economy relies on the daily purchases made here; whether it be on food, clothing, tourist attractions, or souvenirs. By choosing to purchase food found at a farmers market, you are saying to that vendor, “I care to support you and your family.” (Also that you appreciate quality produce!) By purchasing your morning cup of coffee at a locally owned coffee shop or farm, you are helping an islander put food on his/her table. By choosing a family owned business to dine at, or tour with; you are ensuring the money they make from you ends up back in the…

Is My Sunscreen Reef Safe?

There’s a lot of controversy out there regarding which chemicals are damaging our corals. Did you know there are also sunscreens claiming to be “reef safe” with no scientific backing?! How can you tell the difference when you can’t even pronounce the ingredients? Scientists are conducting new studies all the time but I’ll try and break down the most recent results to provide you with some guidelines on what chemicals to avoid. Oxybenzone This chemical has been proven hands down to be the leading cause of coral bleaching found in sunscreen. It’s causing extensive damage not only to the reef itself, but also disrupts coral reproduction. Hawai’i has passed a ban on oxybenzone but it doesn’t go into effect until 2020, which means it will be sold in stores until then. Keep a lookout and avoid. Octinoxate / Octocrylene These…

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