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The Importance of Buying Local

It’s always a good idea to support the economy you’re submersed in. You want to help those closest to you, whether you know them personally or not. That’s especially true when living on or visiting an island. So much of our economy relies on the daily purchases made here; whether it be on food, clothing, tourist attractions, or souvenirs.

By choosing to purchase food found at a farmers market, you are saying to that vendor, “I care to support you and your family.” (Also that you appreciate quality produce!)

By purchasing your morning cup of coffee at a locally owned coffee shop or farm, you are helping an islander put food on his/her table.

By choosing a family owned business to dine at, or tour with; you are ensuring the money they make from you ends up back in the local grocery stores, restaurants, and markets. This supports the local employees as well as the local economy.

The convenience of shopping online or at a big box store ends up costing the island and its residents a hefty price if done regularly. Where does that money end up? Most of it ends up in a bank on the mainland. That money then gets put back into circulation in another state. Or could sit in some executives overstuffed bank account for years to come. Hard to say.

There ARE some local products sold in box stores. If you find yourself shopping in one, just check the labels and see where the product was made or grown. With each purchase made, a vote is cast. The inventory shows the store what sells. The store then restocks the items with the greatest demand. Each time you choose a product grown or made locally, you are telling the store owner that they should keep stocking things provided by local residents. This in turn will ensure the employers of farms and factories can pay their employees. The employees can then pay their bills and feed their families, which allows them to stay here and spend their earnings locally as well. Isn’t it a beautiful circle?!

So please, remember to “Buy local and save locals!”