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What To Do in Kona With Kids

What To Do in Kona With Kids

Finding out what to do in Kona with kids is an adventure in and of itself. When you go on a Big Island adventure with your family, it opens up a world of adventure and discovery. From snorkeling in pristine waters to embarking on guided expeditions, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy in this picturesque Hawaiian destination. Whether you’re seeking the expertise of a local guide or planning exciting underwater adventures, Kona offers something for families of all ages to create lasting memories together.

From snorkel adventures, to undersea close encounters, to boat tours of the Big Island– here are our top picks of the what to do in Kona with Kids

Turn To a Local Guide for What to Do in Kona With Kids

Navigating the array of activities available in Kona can be overwhelming, especially when traveling with kids. That’s where local guides come in handy. Turning to a knowledgeable guide ensures that your family experiences the best of Kona, from hidden gems to must-see attractions. With insider tips and personalized recommendations, local guides can help tailor your itinerary to suit your family’s interests and preferences, ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience for everyone.

A Morning Snorkel Tour is a Great Adventure With Kids

Setting sail on a premium morning snorkel tour of Kona is an exciting adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Kona’s warm, clear waters provide the perfect setting for a family snorkeling excursion, where kids can marvel at colorful fish, graceful sea turtles, known locally as honu, and vibrant coral reefs. With expert guides leading the way, families can explore some of Kona’s most scenic snorkeling spots and create unforgettable underwater memories together.

When you take part in a guided morning snorkel tour of Kona accompanied by a local captain and crew, you are sure to drop into the water at places that are vibrant with marine life as well as sheltered from the currents and more dangerous conditions of the open ocean.

Take the Whole Family on a South Kona Snorkel Expedition

For families seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures, a South Kona snorkel expedition is a fantastic option. Guided tours take families to secluded beaches and hidden coves along the South Kona coast, where they can snorkel in pristine waters teeming with marine life. With opportunities to explore remote reefs and encounter exotic sea creatures, a South Kona snorkel expedition promises an unforgettable day of family fun and exploration.

This is not only a fantastic way for families to connect on the boat ride out– but they are able to make lasting memories!

For Older Children Who Are Good Swimmers: A Night Manta Ray Snorkel is a Trip!

For families with older children who are confident swimmers, a night manta ray snorkel in Kona is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. Under the glow of the lights brought by the snorkel groups, families can witness the mesmerizing spectacle of manta rays gliding gracefully through the water as they feed on plankton. With expert guides providing insights into manta ray behavior and safety protocols, a night manta ray snorkel is sure to be a highlight of any family vacation in Kona.


Exploring Kona with kids offers endless opportunities for adventure, discovery, and family bonding. Whether you’re snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, embarking on guided expeditions, or seeking the expertise of a local guide, Kona has something for families of all ages to enjoy together. With its stunning natural beauty and wealth of family-friendly activities, Kona is the perfect destination for creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. What to do in Kona with kids is up to you and your preference!