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A Local Guide for What to Do in Kailua Kona

what to do in Kailua Kona

If you are looking for the best adventures that the bustling town of Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii has to offer– you’re in luck! As a hugely popular town for both locals and tourists alike, Kona has no shortage of experiences and excursions to offer. You can do everything from embarking on a snorkeling expedition along the coast, go on wondrous hikes, or even charter your own boat to enjoy the day out on the water with the whole family!

We will dive into everything that Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii has to offer. Everything that will cater to different interests and aspects of the bustling town, from outdoor adventures and cultural experiences to family-friendly activities.

Embark on a Snorkel Adventure Around Kailua Kona

One of the most popular activities that attracts both locals and tourists alike is the snorkeling tours along Kailua Kona. When embarking on one of these snorkel tours aboard a trusted boat, you will likely explore the magical reefs of Captain Cook Monument and the Place of Refuge, with the possibility of exploring one of the black sand beaches if you’re lucky! Aside from the wondrous coral reefs you may swim around, there is a likely chance you will have a close encounter with one of Kona’s great marine animals; some examples are sea turtles, reef fish, or even a manta ray!

A snorkel adventure is sure to delight family and friends of all ages– there’s so much to do beyond underwater exploration! If you book your tour with a beloved local company, you will open up the chance to learn more about the marine life you will be seeing, and the different natural phenomena that populate the coastline and tropical waterways.

Spend a Day Out on Kailua Kona’s Waters With the Whole Family

If you are someone that doesn’t totally love jumping into the water to come face to face with animals like Moray Eels, then you may be more inclined to book a drier adventure fit for the whole family: a marine life watching tours!

Experiences like dolphin watch tours are offered year round out of Kailua Kona. Because of the sunny weather found during all seasons, and the fact that spinner dolphins are native to the waters of Kona, this means that you will have a chance to have an encounter with these amazing and smart pods, anytime! Because of legislation passed in 2021, it is no longer legal to get in the water and swim amongst the dolphins, a measure put into place to keep the native marine life safe, you will find that the creatures still enjoy putting on a show for those aboard one of Kona’s tour boats!

Charter Your Own Private Boat on the Big Island, Hawaii

One of the best, and most exclusive, experiences that you can have while vacationing on the Big Island, is chartering a private boat. Upon commencing your research into this activity you may notice that many trusted local snorkel and dolphin tour companies offer the option to charter their boats privately. This is a great option, as you can not only have assurance that you will be taken care of by a knowledgeable local crew, but the ability to combine different popular activities with your close friends and family. Instead of setting out on an hours long snorkeling expedition of South Kona, where you may have to wait for people who are late and get overwhelmed by a group of strangers, you can book a private small charter and have the reef to yourself, on your own time.