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Where to Book Big Island Hawaii Boat Tours

Big Island hawaii boat tours

Embarking on a boat tour while on the Big Island of Hawaii is definitely a remarkable adventure, sure to be fun for your entire group. You may find when commencing research into some of the tours around where you are staying, that there are so many to choose from. How can you book with confidence? Where can you find the best boat experience on the Big Island? These are all questions that we hope to answer with this article.

If you are someone who knows either where they are staying already or are wanting to learn more about a specific Big Island boating experience offered by top tour groups, then make sure you check out our articles here.

Look into Trusted Local Tours Operating in Kona

The best place to start, when considering booking Big Island boat tours, is to read up on the best local tours operating out of Kona, the best place to be for aquatic adventures. Kona is located on the West Side of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is considered to be the best place to embark on any sort of boat or aquatic activity due to the ocean being calmer than on the East or South side, as well as the numerous beautiful coral reefs and beaches.

You will find that the best local tours operating on the Big Island of Hawaii tend to offer experiences that either include snorkels to some of the most popular areas along the Kona coast like Captain Cook Monument and the Place of Refuge; or, you may get an inclusive day out on the water watching dolphins or humpback whales (when in season).

Utilize the Coconut Wireless to Find the Best Big Island Boat Tours

In Hawaii, there is something called the “Coconut Wireless”, what may be more popularly known on the mainland as word of mouth. This is a great way to find out the best things on the island; whether that is food, hikes, places to stay, or even boat tours. You can either ask friends, family members, or coworkers who have been to the Big Island, Hawaii if they have any recommendations. Alternatively, online reviews are a great way to see what the most popular tours are and what you can expect from each and every one. 

Reach Out to Your Resort Concierge for Their Big Island, Hawaii Tour Recommendations

Outside of the online or in person coconut wireless, a great source to turn to, to find the best Big Island boat tours, is the concierge at your hotel or resort. They are not only a great source through their experience living on the island and working in the hotel industry, but they may even have connections with some of the best tour companies and can get you and your family booked on an amazing tour at a good price!

One important thing to keep in mind is remembering to research the reviews and reputation of the tour operators before booking. Safety, expertise, and responsible practices are crucial factors to consider when selecting the best Big Island Hawaii boat tour for your memorable experience. Luckily, locally operated and trusted tours will have all this information readily available for you to look into.