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Kailua Kona Snorkeling Tours Will Unleash Your Inner Explorer

Kailua Kona snorkeling tours

There is so much to explore across the Hawaiian Islands, it can be overwhelming determining how to spend your time in the tropical paradise, for fear of missing out on one adventure or another! From stunning coral reefs and hidden sea caves to dormant and active volcanoes there is no shortage to what you can uncover in Hawaii.

However, there is one guided experience that can cut through the crowds and facilitate an incredible adventure complete with close encounters, hidden underwater worlds, and a day relaxing in the sun: a Kailua Kona Snorkeling Tour. 

Where Kailua Kona Snorkeling Tours Go

Kailua Kona has many different popular reefs scattered along the shores and bays of the coastline, but there are a select few that stand out against the rest. When looking to book your snorkel adventure on the Big Island, you may notice that there is a great emphasis on visiting Captain Cook Monument and the Place of Refuge. These are two notable and beautiful reefs in South Kona, known not only for the vibrant marine plant and animal life that exists among the coral, but because of the rich cultural ties these sites have to Hawaiian history.

If you book with a trusted local tour company, you may get to go beyond the most well known reefs and explore some of the hidden black sand beaches, lava tubes, and sea caves that locals may not even know exist!

Family-Friendly Fun: Kailua Kona Snorkeling Tours for All Ages

One of the greatest benefits of booking your snorkeling adventure with a trusted local tour company in Kailua Kona, is that you are opening up a fun day out on the water for the whole family! Reefs like Captain Cook Monument are great as they are sheltered from the open ocean within Kealakekua Bay. The boats will provide snorkels and masks as well as may even offer flotation aids like pool noodles, so that you have everything you need to ensure that you and your family feels safe in the water.

The reefs of South Kona are not only sheltered from the harsher waters that you may find in other areas around the island, but they are more heavily populated with the popular reef fish and marine animals like turtles that are sure to be at the top of any ocean lover’s “must see” bucket list. If you are lucky, on your way out of the bay you may even come close to pods of native spinner dolphins who are known to treat visitors with dances and leaps out of the water. A perfect cap on an amazing day with the family!

What the Kailua Kona Reefs Offer to Snorkelers

Beyond the family-friendly accessibility of the reef, the hundreds of tropical fish, and the rich natural and cultural history, the reefs of Kailua Kona can offer those who visit an unforgettable day. When booking your snorkel tour around Kailua Kona, whether you are venturing to one reef on a short morning excursion or spending the day getting in and out of the water around some of the best snorkel spots in the world, you are signing up for adventure. One of the big things we advise those who are ready to claim their spot on one of these tours is to make sure to listen to the safety guidelines and rules put forth by your boat’s captain and crew.

Things like not touching the sea life, wearing reef safe sunscreen, and paying attention to your guides in the water and on the boat are paramount to a successful day. In order to preserve these beautiful reefs for generations to come, we need to act in accordance with these guidelines.