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Witness Vibrant Marine Life on Snorkel Tours in Kona

snorkel tours Kona

If you are searching for some fun in the sun, look no further than the vivacious snorkel tours in Kona! Explore the black sand beaches of South Kona, dive along the bustling coral reefs of Captain Cook Monument and the Place of Refuge, and even discover some of the hidden lava tubes and sea caves scattered throughout Kona Coast. 

Snorkel tours around Kona are the best way to have a close encounter with some of the world’s most vibrant marine life. If that’s something that sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading and we’ll go through our top guidelines and suggestions for when it comes time to plan your snorkel excursion in Kona. The best part, these suggestions are for any time of the year! 

Snorkel Tours in Kona Will Explore Pristine Underwater Ecosystems

When you embark on a snorkel tour to explore the coral reefs along the Kona Coastline, you are signing on for a front row seat to watch the underwater ecosystems of Hawaii. You may see eels duck in and around the caverns of the reef, you’ll most likely hear the soft crushing rock sound of fish feeding on the coral, and you might even see a honu (Hawaiian Sea Turtle) cruise by once or twice.

Every living plant and animal has a symbiotic relationship with the ocean, an existence that relies heavily on human visitors, like snorkelers, to respect that natural world. When you venture on snorkel tours in Kona, be sure that you listen to the experienced crew captaining your adventure, heed their guidance, and practice other marine conscious acts like wearing reef safe sunscreen.

The Top Coral Reefs that Snorkel Tours of Kona will Explore

If you start doing some research into the best snorkel tours in Kona, you’ll notice that there is a lot of overlap when it comes to where these tour boats go. By far and away, the most popular coral reefs to snorkel in Kona are Captain Cook Monument and the Place of Refuge. Both known for not only their natural beauty, but revered for the cultural significance of these sites within the context of native Hawaiian history. While Captain Cook and the Place of Refuge are undoubtedly highlights of any snorkel in Hawaii, some local tour boats will go above and beyond.

Snorkel tours of Kona, when they are provided by a trusted local tour company, have the ability to bring you to hidden beaches, reefs, sea tubes, and lava caves few people have ever seen before– including Big Island locals! If you are someone who loves to explore not only the most popular areas of a destination, but explore secretive places, then be sure to book one of these adventures!

How You can Book a Snorkel Tour of Kona with Confidence

We’ve gone over the different places your snorkel tour may go, but we haven’t spoken much about how to choose the best snorkel tour for you! It can be overwhelming to sort through every tour and experience that is offered in the popular tourist town of Kona, leaving many to feel discouraged and just settle on the first boat they see with availability. While there is some credit to be given to those companies that rest at the top of the Google Search; we recommend that you take the time to look at their tours as well as the tour descriptions themselves to see what is included and where you will go. For example, our Captain Cook snorkel tour ensures ample time in the water around the reef, different snack or meal options, and what you can expect to be provided by the boat and crew.

With so many important things to consider, just keep these points in mind and you’ll be sure to have a great trip out on the warm tropical waters of Kona!