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Discover the Wonders of Kona, Diving with Manta Rays

kona diving manta rays

Quickly becoming the most sought after experience that one can go on while visiting the Hawaiian Islands, Kona’s diving with manta rays is the adventure of a lifetime. If you are someone who loves a thrill, is deeply passionate about marine life, or just looking for a unique experience to go on while in the tropics, keep reading to find out more about this highly rated tour on the Big Island.

Go on a Unique Night Dive with Manta Rays in Kona

A Kona manta ray night dive is the most snorkeling experience that exists across all the Hawaiian islands. Not only does it combine a close encounter with a large marine creature, native to the islands, but the thrill of venturing out on a snorkel adventure as the night falls on the Big Island.

A night dive with manta rays is only accessible aboard an accredited tour boat. This is for a variety of reasons but most notably for the safety of the guests and the marine life. With so many boats dotting the bay and marina of “Manta Village” as well as other popular manta ray night dive spots, it is best to book with one of these accredited locally owned companies.

Why Kona’s Diving with Manta Rays is its Most Remarkable Oceanic Experience

Beyond the fact that you will be having an extremely close encounter with the ocean’s gentle giants, a Kona dive with manta rays will make a lasting impression. The viewing experience while floating at the water’s surface will put you in front of the action. Manta rays will feed on the microscopic phytoplankton at the water’s surface by completing full 360° barrel rolls under you.

These creatures are notably docile and non aggressive, they don’t have any teeth or stingers that may frighten those scared of the ocean; instead you’ll notice that they feed on the plankton by leaving their mouth open and swimming in circles. It is unlike any other feeding experience on the planet– you can’t find this at your local aquarium!

No Diving Certification Needed for a Night Time Manta Ray Snorkel

Contrary to popular belief, a manta ray night dive is not something that you need to have any certification for, before heading out. While it is strongly suggested that you have snorkeled in the past, in order to ensure comfortability wearing the mask and snorkel while having a close encounter with the rays, you will not be diving down with any foreign equipment.

Some reference this experience as a “night dive” as you are entering the water at night with the manta rays. However, you will remain at the water’s surface with an illuminated flotation device for the entirety of the snorkel trip.

If you are reading this and wondering how you could experience the best Kona dive with manta rays, then be sure to secure your spot aboard today!