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Captain Cook Monument Snorkel Tour: A Perfect Way to Explore Hawaii’s Marine Life

captain cook monument snorkel tour

Hailed as one of the best coral reefs to snorkel across the Hawaiian islands, Captain Cook Monument should be at the top of any oceanic enthusiast’s places to visit. Perfect for both experienced and novice snorkelers, Kealakekua Bay makes for the best destination is you are planning a day on the water.

Keep reading to learn more about why Captain Cook Monument is a must see and what you can expect when booking a guided tour of the coral and all that lives among it.

A Captain Cook Monument Snorkel Tour is Perfect For All Skill Levels

Whether you have snorkeled in the ocean many times before, or this is your first time donning a mask and fins, a Captain Cook Monument snorkel tour will serve as an awesome adventure. The calm waters and immense reef serves as a habitat for a wide variety of tropical fish, aquatic plants, and marine animals; in one day you may get the chance to see hundreds of parrotfish while a sea turtle or two swim by.

Because the bay where the reef is located, is sheltered from the open ocean, and the water is relatively shallow along the coral, you are relatively protected from waves and strong currents. When booking your snorkel tour aboard with an accredited local company you are also ensuring guidance both in and out of the water accompanied by up to date gear and often, a pool noodle to help you float, should you need.

A Professional Snorkel Tour is the Best Way to Experience Captain Cook Monument’s Reef

When deciding the best way to embark on a snorkel of Captain Cook Monument, we suggest that you seriously consider a locally owned accredited tour boat. When you book a tour aboard a boat with an experienced and knowledgeable Big Island captain, you not only skirt the hassle that is renting the right equipment, making the drive, and finding parking– all to search and swim around for the best spot on the reef to snorkel; but you lose out on all that being done for you in an exciting way by a trusted crew.

Booking a Captain Cook Monument snorkel tour will not only mean ample time in the water at the best part of the reef but a fun trip out aboard the boat accompanied by possible whale and spinner dolphin sightings, during the right time of year!

You Will Swim With a Variety of Marine Life on a Captain Cook Monument Snorkel Tour

Not only is the reef of Captain Cook Monument home to a large variety of tropical fish, but it also houses lush aquatic plant life and is known to have frequent visits from other marine life like the honu (Hawaiian Sea Turtles). 

As mentioned, when you book your Captain Cook snorkel tour aboard a local tour boat, you will also get the chance to see large marine creatures like humpback whales, spinner dolphins, manta rays, and much more on your trip out! While the frequency and likelihood of seeing these creatures is dependent on a multitude of factors like time of year, weather, and time of day– you won’t get this chance any other way!

If you’d rather stay aboard the boat and dedicate your time to trying to spot marine life across Kona’s Coastline, then check out our private boat charter experience!