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Meet The Blogger

Kendra Wilson was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Submersed in the outdoor lifestyle at an early age by her parents, she grew to have a strong love and appreciation for nature and all it has to offer. Colorado hobbies included camping, boating, hiking, rock climbing, motorcycling and snowboarding.

In 2006, life had a way of telling her to try something new, so she decided to follow her brother to the big island of Hawai’i. Falling in love with the island life and ocean activities, she pursued a career on the water, and is now a licensed captain.

Both Colorado and Hawai’i have beautiful landscapes and impressive wildlife. Kendra’s parents taught her to be gentle on the environment in order to make it last. She is aware of the damage we as humans are doing, and is making an effort to educate others of steps we can take to slow the devastating impact our lifestyle is having on our precious earth and its inhabitants.

Aside from all that, Kendra also prides herself on keeping a light heart. In 2008 she was involved in a life threatening motorcycle accident that sent her to O’ahu for an 8 hour brain surgery. (Maybe they had a hard time finding her brain?) After a few weeks in the head trauma unit, she was allowed to go home and begin her slow recovery. That experience really put some things in perspective, and she vowed to not take ANYTHING too seriously again. Life is fragile, enjoy what you have and who you have it with. And always bring a hammock.

Kendra WilsonKendra Wilson Hammock