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Why a Manta Ray Night Snorkel on Big Island is so Popular

manta ray night snorkel big island

Over the years the rise in popularity of a manta ray night snorkel on Big Island has grown exponentially. An experience that is as thrilling as it is interesting, this will be something that you are sure to share with friends and family for years to come!

This night snorkel adventure, while popular across different ages and backgrounds, is one of the more intensive aquatic experiences on the Big Island. If you are looking into booking your own manta ray night snorkel, be sure to do your research on what it entails and make sure that you have enough swimming skill and are ok with having the close encounters with these gentle giants in the water– this will keep both yourself and the animals safe. If you are all in– keep reading and we’ll dive into why these tours are becoming our most requested adventure!

Have a Close Encounter With the Gentle Manta Rays of the Big Island

Especially since new legislation in 2020 banned dolphin close encounters like we knew them, visitors and residents alike have been searching for a safe and ecologically responsible, way to interact with the incredible native marine life here on the Hawaiian islands. Manta rays, similar to the Hawaiian spinner dolphins, are gentle creatures that rarely if ever show aggression towards humans. This alongside the fact that they had started to return to the warm bays around Kona’s most popular resorts created the perfect opportunity to have incredible close encounters in a responsible way.

When you enter the water you will likely swim to float and hang along a flotation device that illuminates the ocean, alongside your in guide. This light doubles as something to help you see as well as attracting the manta’s favorite treats– phytoplankton. When the phytoplankton gather at the surface, they are quickly followed by the toothless mantas who will complete large barrel rolls directly under you to feast on the microscopic creatures.

Experience the Big Island’s Waters During a Night Snorkel

You will not be experiencing manta rays in the pitch black. The Big Islands waters are not only warm but relatively clear after sunset. With the flotation device illuminating a beam of light that reaches the floor of the shallow bay, you will get to see everything. We highly recommend checking out our gallery or any online videos of this experience so you can grasp the full scope of what you will get to experience aboard one of these adventures.

Learn More About the Big Island’s Oceanic Ecosystem on Your Manta Ray Snorkel

We briefly touched on the new legislation surrounding Hawaiian spinner dolphin encounters and their impact on how snorkeling tours on the Big Island have changed. In order to protect the vast and fragile ecosystem that exists around the Kona Coast– and Hawaii as a whole– booking your experiences with a trusted local company is paramount. Local experts who care about the environment they are interacting with as well as take care of their groups will ensure that these opportunities are available to generations to come.

When you book one of these trusted encounters, you will also gain the chance to learn more about the Hawaiian ecosystem and the importance of responsible tourism among other interesting oceanic facts.