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How to Find the Best Snorkeling Tours on the Big Island

snorkeling tours big island

Even though the Hawaiian Islands may seem small in scale compared to other states and tourist destinations around the world– they are not short of things to do and see! There is truly something for everyone on the Big island of Hawaii, however, by far and away– our vote for the best thing to do and see while vacationing in the tropics is to embark on one of the amazing snorkeling tours of Big Island that are offered through local boats.

If you are already set on booking a snorkeling tour but want to learn more, or you are just starting the process of planning your Hawaiian vacation– this article will show you how you can find the best snorkeling tours on the Big Island and secure your spot aboard!

Check Online Reviews of the Best Snorkeling Tours on the Big Island

First and foremost, when you are booking your snorkeling tour of the island– the best thing to do is to check online reviews. While a star rating can tell you some stuff about any given company, we found that reading through the written reviews on a company, either on their Google My Business page, TripAdvisor, or Yelp! Are great benchmarks.

Many tours vary in length, destination, and what is provided on board. While their websites will likely list out the details of each tour, reviews can take that transparency one step further. If you are someone who trusts word of mouth reviews over the internet, especially if you are waiting to book your adventure through a hotel concierge or travel company upon arrival– just be weary as many snorkeling tours during the busy season tend to book up fast.

Research Where Local Snorkeling Tours Will Take You Along Kona Coast

As mentioned, snorkeling tours’ destinations should be at the top of your research list. While the Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian isles, there is little snorkeling elsewhere than the Kona coast. The “Hilo side” is known for rougher waters and less coral reefs– making the snorkeling more challenging and less exciting. Conversely, Kona Coast is known for a variety of different clear and gentle bays that are home to a wide range of native marine life– from spinner dolphins to tiny reef fish– you will have so much to explore!

The most popular snorkeling tours on Big Island will likely take you to Captain Cook Monument and The Place of Refuge; both wildly popular reefs home to tons of interesting and exotic marine life.

Book the Snorkeling Tour Option That Best Fits You!

No matter what you choose, as long as you select one of the snorkeling tours on the Big Island with good, credible online reviews, and heading towards one of Kona’s great coral reefs– you should be ok! However, one important thing to note when booking one of the island’s snorkeling tours is how long the adventure will be. This is something super important to note, not just because you will have to take into account your swimming skill level (shorter tours to bays rather than open oceans will be ideal), as well as how long you want to be out on the water. Some tours will go for around 2-4 hours, allotting 1 hour of swim time at one location, others can be 6 hour excursions. Choose what works best for you and your group!