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Fun Things to do in Kona Hawaii

fun things to do in kona hawaii

Kona is one of the best places to visit on the entirety of the Big Island. Not only is it at the center of a variety of historically significant events to modern Hawaiian culture, but it is a vibrant epicenter of activity. From oceanic adventures to a bustling town center, to even its proximity to volcanic activity– there is so much to do!

If you are planning your tropical vacation to the Hawaiian islands, specifically to the town of Kona, here is our top pics for the most fun things to do!

Take a Boat Trip our To Snorkel Kona Hawaii’s Best Reefs

One of the most exciting adventures that Kona has to offer is a boat trip to snorkel the various vibrant coral reefs along the coastline. From Kealakekua Bay to the Place of Refuge, there is so much to explore. When snorkeling along the reefs of Kona, you will surely encounter various marine life– everything from tiny reef fish to giant sea turtles and even spinner dolphins towards the deeper areas of the water.

A boat tour makes this entire experience even better! They will not only streamline your whole day of adventure, but the knowledge and care that local professionals will bring to your snorkeling experience. 

Go on the Ultimate Nighttime Adventure – Snorkeling with Manta Rays

One of the most popular tours leaving from Kona today is a night time snorkel with Hawaii’s Manta Rays. You will get the chance to come face to gills with the island’s gentle giants. The evening will start with a boat trip, captained by your trusted local guide, to the middle of one of Kona’s manta ray hot spots– one popular one is named Manta Village.

Once you reach the center of the shallow bay you will get to drop into the water and gather around an illuminated flotation device which will light up the water to the ocean floor. Manta rays will pass under you in what almost looks like a dance. These “barrel rolls” are incredible and some large rays may even graze you where you float! Don’t be alarmed manta rays have no teeth, no stingers, nor any natural aggression towards humans– as long as you listen to your in water guide you are sure to have a safe and amazing time!

Charter a Private Kona Boat to Create Your Own Adventure

If you can’t decide between different oceanic adventures that are offered around Kona Coast, then you may want to opt for booking a boat charter. This private experience allows you to not only craft the adventure around your schedule, but vary your destinations and keep the group intimate (i.e. your friends and family only). No having to wait on others, share the sites, nor be subject to a set itinerary. 

No matter which you choose, there is so much that the epicenter of the Big Island has to offer. The proximity to an ever warm and refreshing ocean is the height of activity around the town. While there are some amazing offshore experiences, we strongly urge you to look into partnering with a trusted local boat guide to truly experience the tropical Pacific isle.