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The Fun You Will Have Aboard a Captain Cook Snorkeling Tour!

captain cook snorkeling tour

Are you about to take part in one of the Big Island’s greatest tours? You are if you have chosen to book a boat tour of the stunning Captain Cook monument. Whether you are snorkeling, dolphin watching, or simply setting out on a private charter and exploring the islands bays– there is so much to explore!

While Captain Cook Monument is one of the most popular aquatic destinations in all of the Big Island of Hawaii, there may be some mystery surrounding what you can expect from your boat excursion.

Come Face to Face with Captain Cook’s Hawaiian Marine Life

There is a reason that most snorkeling tours in Kona visit Captain Cook Monument on their adventures. Not only is Captain Cook Monument home to pristine turquoise waters and easily navigable waters, but it hosts one of the most vibrant coral reefs along Kona Coast, and arguably in the state.

Some of the marine creatures that you can expect to come face to face with while snorkeling along the coral are various reef fish like Parrotfish, Triggerfish, and Sturgeon Fish, eels, sea turtles, and the occasional manta ray. Beyond the reef there are commonly pods of Hawaiian spinner dolphins playing in the deeper waters!

Uncover the Vast History of Captain Cook Monument and Kealakekua Bay

Aside from the incredible ecosystem that exists in the shallows of Kealakekua, the bay is home to some important history and the cultural impact it had in the occupation of the islands by European settlers. Captain Cook Monument commemorates the place where Captain Cook was slain, however the surrounding land– alongside the neighboring Place of Refuge, has served as an incredibly sacred area to native Hawaiians long before the English arrived.

To this day, Kealakekua Bay remains an important and sacred cornerstone to Hawaiian culture– one of the benefits of embarking on a guided boat tour is you will not only get to learn more but understand how to be respectful towards these important sites.

Snorkel Captain Cook with the Big Island’s Expert Guides

You have the option to snorkel Captain Cook all on your own. If you have a rental car, want to rent the gear– as well as do the research as to which rental places deal the most reputable snorkels and masks– on top of stocking yourself with plenty of water and reef safe sunscreen, there is the option and ability to do so! However, we highly suggest that you book your snorkel tour with a trusted local boat company. Not only will the knowledgeable guides outfit you with the best fitting and up to date gear, and swimming aids if necessary, but they will likely supply you with water, reef safe sunscreen, and critical knowledge on how to safely interact with the wildlife.

If you are booking a boat tour to the gorgeous Captain Cook Monument, you are signing up for the trip of a lifetime. There is so much to explore beyond the reef, alongside so much to learn! Few people will ever be able to experience this level of excitement and beauty, even when staying in Kona, so take advantage and make the most of your experience!