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The 3 Best Big Island Tours From Kona

big island tours from kona

If you are in the midst of planning your dream island vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii– you are most likely looking to stay in the bustling town of Kona! Kona town is not only one of the most historically interesting city centers across the state but it has so many fun activities to offer to people of all ages. From night snorkels with 12 foot wide creatures to boat tours exploring the hidden lava tubes and sea caves along the coastline. With so much to explore it can be overwhelming deciphering what tours you will want to book; here are our choices for the top 3 Big Island tours that leave from Kona.

1. Come Face to Face With Big Island’s Manta Rays on a Kona Night Snorkel

One of the most thrilling adventures you can embark on that leaves from Kona’s harbors is the night time manta ray dive. You will boat out into the middle of the shallow bays, which are home to an array of large mantas– whose wingspan reach over 10ft wide on average. From there you will be directed by your in water guide who will help facilitate an incredible close encounter with the island’s gentle marine giants.

This tour is quickly rising in popularity– so much so that you should be sure to book your spot aboard one of Kona’s trusted night dive boats, before space among the intimate group allocated this encounter fills up!

2. Discover the South Kona Coastline on a Big Island Boat Tour

If you are someone who loves the ocean, but isn’t so keen on getting soaking wet, then a Kona coastline boat tour is a great option! Beyond the tropical reefs or small creatures who dart along the ocean floor, the waters around the Big Island are home to some topographical phenomena!

One of local tour guides favorite things to show their groups is the underwater sea caves and lava tubes that dart along the coast. While snorkeling is often the best way to get down to explore them– they are still quite incredible to see above board. If you’re lucky, and traveling to the islands during the winter time, there is a high likelihood you will get to see a humpback whale who has made the journey from cold Alaska in order to mate or give birth to their young calves.

3. Dive into the Ocean With a Big Island Snorkeling Tours of Kona’s Reefs

By far and away the most popular Kona tour is snorkeling. You will notice that the best snorkel tour companies on the island tend to have access, and take their groups, to similar reefs– the most notable being Captain Cook monument (Kealakekua Bay) and the Place of Refuge. They are not only a quick boat trip away, but home to the most vibrant reefs you can find on the islands.

If you are looking for an incredible experience for you and whoever may be traveling to the tropics with you, be sure to check out one, or all three, of these amazing Kona adventures.