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Finding the Ultimate Kailua Kona Boat Tours

Kailua Kona boat tours

Kailua Kona boat tours are the ultimate experience for anyone traveling to the Big Island. Kona, located on the western coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, offers some of the most spectacular boat tours on the Hawaiian Islands. At Sea Quest Hawaii, we have a wide variety of Big Island boat experiences, we provide an array of unique and unforgettable snorkeling and boating trips that cater to all kinds of adventurers. Whether you’re interested in snorkeling, encountering manta rays at night, or exploring remote coastal areas, we have a tour that will meet your needs. Here are some of our top offerings, choose whichever speaks to you!

The Premium Morning Snorkeling Tour of Kailua Kona

The Premium Morning Snorkeling Tour in Kona is the perfect way to start your day with an underwater adventure for all ages, and accommodating all swimmers (including beginners and non swimmers). This tour takes you to some of the best snorkeling spots along the Kona coast, including the renowned Kealakekua Bay, home to the Captain Cook Monument! The bay is known for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, making it the most ideal location for snorkeling on the Big Island.

The Deluxe Morning Adventure

Guests aboard the Deluxe Morning Adventure on the Big Island have the opportunity to see a variety of marine life, including colorful coral formations, tropical fish, and possibly even sea turtles (known locally as Honu) and dolphins. The tour also includes informative commentary from experienced local guides, who share insights into the ecological and historical significance of the sites visited. With its extended itinerary and added stops, the Deluxe Morning Adventure offers a deeper dive into the natural beauty of Kailua Kona. Not only is this a great Big Island snorkeling experience, but it is an adventure for the whole family in Hawaii!

Sea Quest Hawaii’s Private Boat Charter Experience

For a more customizable and exclusive adventure, Sea Quest Hawaii offers private boat charters of Kona Coast. Something that stands out as the premier style of Kailua Kona boat tours. This experience allows you to tailor the itinerary and timeline to your preferences, whether you want to focus on snorkeling, dolphin watching, or simply cruising along the beautiful Kona coast. Private charters are perfect for families, small groups, or couples looking for a more intimate and customized experience. The ocean is your oyster!

Dive In With a Night Manta Ray Snorkel in Kona

One of the most extraordinary experiences offered by our team is the Kona Night Manta Ray Snorkel. This tour takes place after sunset, when the waters come alive with the gentle giants of the sea, motivated by the feast of microscopic phytoplankton. Participants are equipped with snorkeling gear and flotation devices and are guided in and on the water by experienced staff. The sight of manta rays gliding gracefully through the illuminated water, performing exquisite barrel rolls, is truly the experience of a lifetime. This is one of the ultimate Kailua Kona boat tours!

Take Part in the Exclusive Captain Cook Snorkel

The Captain Cook Snorkel tour is a special experience that combines historical intrigue with underwater exploration. This tour takes you to Kealakekua Bay, the site of the Captain Cook Monument, which commemorates the first contact between Native Hawaiians and Western explorers. The bay is not only rich in history but also renowned for its excellent snorkeling conditions. This Kailua Kona boat tour is one that stands out as one of the most popular offered on the Big Island of Hawaii.

View Things No Kailua Kona Boat Tours Have Ever Seen: South Kona Snorkel Expedition

The South Kona Snorkel Expedition is designed for those who want to venture off the beaten path and discover lesser known snorkeling spots and hidden beaches. This tour explores the remote and pristine waters of South Kona, offering an adventurous and exclusive snorkeling experience while taking guests on of of the most exclusive Kailua Kona boat tours. Even locals haven’t seen some of the beaches you will venture to! During the South Kona Snorkel Expedition, guests can expect to see a variety of marine habitats, from coral gardens to lava rock formations!